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Mail the application and the $90 application fee to the address on the application form.

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Applicants to the program will:

    • have a high school diploma or GED. If the applicant has an out of state high school transcript or GED, a PA Certificate of Preliminary Education or a PA GED certificate without a number will be required. The program can assist you with obtaining the CPE.
    • be at least 17 years of age.
    • achieve a satisfactory rating on the Pre-entrance Aptitude Exam.
    • reflect strong moral character.
    • be fluent in the English language – written, spoken, and comprehension.
    • have proficiency in English, mathematics, science (recommended), and basic medical terminology. A basic math review course is required if admission math test score is below 50%. A medical terminology course is required if Med Term Pre-Admission Challenge Test score is less than 75%.
    • have a PA Act 34 criminal background check.  Any findings must be in compliance with eligibility for PA licensure (see admission packet).  If the applicant has lived in PA less than 2 years a background check is required from the state or country of prior residence(s).

After Program acceptance, before starting classes the accepted applicant must:

      • be in good physical and mental health as evidenced by recent physical and dental exams and personal interview.
      • provide documentation of up to date immunizations to include Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Hepatitis B.
      • submit a recent negative Mantoux or PPD (two step is required) or chest x-ray without findings.
      • demonstrate basic competency in Medical Terminology by achieving a 75% or better score on the Medical Terminology Pre-Admission Challenge Test. If less than a 75% score is achieved, the applicant is required to take a certificate or college credit course. Provide transcript with a course completion minimum grade of C.
      • submit an FBI clearance – any findings must be in compliance with eligibility for PA licensure (see admission packet).
      • submit a Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance. Clearance must allow the student to participate in clinical experiences involving children.
      • submit a negative 5-panel rapid drug screen within 30 days of starting classes.
      • agree to abide by all school policies.
      • have a recent CPR Basic Life Support certificate – either American Heart Association or American Red Cross. The certificate must not expire while in school.
      • Technology proficiency – demonstrate basic computer skills – use a mouse, type on keyboard accurately and in a timely manner, access the internet to use databases and complete assigned research using various search engines, have a working knowledge of word processing software, practice privacy on a computer and the internet.
      • Access to a computer and the internet – must provide an email address and agree to check email at least once a week, have a laptop computer for the classroom that meets the specs of required resources, have access to the internet outside of class/clinical hours to complete assignments.
      • Applicant must not be listed on the following : OIG Fraud List, PA Sex Offender list, Medicheck Verification, System for Award Management.

Process for Admission – Applications are accepted throughout the year.

      • Submit an application and $90 application fee (check, money order, or cash) – Subject to change due to increased costs for admission test monitoring – cost pending.
      • Take the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing entrance exam. Upon receipt of application, a letter will be sent with the scheduled date and time to take the exam. Information about the exam and sample questions will be included in the letter. The computerized exam and interview take approximately 3 hours. Notify the Program at least 24 hours prior to the test date/time, to avoid a $40 rescheduling fee, if the test date and time do not fit your schedule.  It is strongly recommended that applicants prepare for the aptitude exam. Suggestions include carefully reading the test instructions prior to test day, reviewing basic math – especially in word problem format, biology, and natural sciences. Researching successful test taking strategies is also recommended. A basic calculator will be provided at the test center to assist with math calculation on the exam. Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast before coming to take the exam.  Testing Conditions subject to change as of May 1 testing is at home with Zoom monitoring, additional expected change on May 18.
      • Take the Medical Terminology Challenge exam on the day of the Admission Test – achieve a 75% or better.
      • Interview with the Nurse Administrator immediately after completing the exam. Business attire is recommended.
      • Applicants who have not lived in PA in the last two years are required to submit criminal background checks from all states in which he/she resided.
      • Request an official high school transcript to be sent to the Program (mailed directly from the high school) and/or provide GED scores and certificate.

When exam score results and all documents are received, the prospective student’s file is presented to the Admissions committee for approval. The applicant is notified of admission decision by mail within 30 days. The applicant must submit a letter of intent to enroll and pay the $425 Acceptance/Supplies/Technology Fee to secure a position in the class offered. This fee is not refundable.

ATTENTION: PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS — Students with low math scores on the aptitude exam are required to take a math review course prior to starting classes. Math Review Courses are offered periodically. Enrollment is open to any interested applicant. Call for details or to register for the upcoming class.

Students not achieving a 75% or better on the Medical Terminology competency test are required to take a Medical Terminology Course.  Call program for options.

NonDiscrimination Policy

      • It is the policy of the FCCTC-PNP not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, marital status, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability or because a person is a veteran in its admission, educational programs, activities or employment policies. Publication of this policy is in accordance with state and federal laws including the American with Disabilities Act, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

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