Program Costs and Financial Aid Options

The student is responsible for the cost of attendance to include tuition, acceptance/supplies/technology fee, uniforms, textbooks, analog wrist watch with second hand, socks, uniform shoes, stethoscope, laptop computer, school supplies, preparation for clinical to include any required pandemic testing and PPE, and incidentals. Transportation, health insurance, medical expenses, meals, living accommodations, and personal clothing are also the responsibility of the student. Accepted students are required to have an email address. All fees are non-refundable. There is no on-campus living space available for students.

In State

$ 16350

for one year program
  • Tuition

Out of State

$ 19550

for one year program
  • Tuition

Actual costs may vary.

Application Fee - $120

Submit Application Fee with the application. This fee includes the cost of the Kaplan Admission Test, test monitoring, a PA State Criminal History Record Check, Medical Terminology Challenge Test, online monitoring for the MT Challenge Test and Interview session. See “Admissions” page to download an application. Costs and processes are subject to change.

Kaplan Admission Test - cost included in Application Fee

The Kaplan Admission Test is administered and monitored at the Practical Nursing Program (PNP) computer lab.  Information for test registration and a test date is emailed to the applicant upon receipt of application.

Kaplan Admission ReTest - $60

Retaking the Admission Test – If the applicant does not pass the Admission Test on the first attempt, the Admission Test can be retaken 30 days after the first attempt and up to one year from the date the applicant signed the PNP application.

To schedule a retake test, submit a letter to the PNP requesting an opportunity to retake the Admission Test and include the $60 retest fee.

The PNP will email the applicant retest registration and retest date information pending approval of the request.

Acceptance / Supplies / Technology Fee -$450

This is the only fee charged to the applicant when accepting the admission offer. This fee secures a seat in the class requested and covers the cost of clinical liability insurance, bandage scissors, name badge, parking tag, supplies used in the skills lab, YES – Your Educational Success Course (student preparation for success in nursing education), standardized testing materials, computer lab fee, and graduation costs. These fees are non-refundable.  If the student withdraws from the program and reenters within 6 months, the fee may be eligible for transfer to the new class.

Tuition for 2024-25 – Instate $16350, Out of state $19550

Tuition may be paid in full prior to starting the program OR the student may opt to pay tuition according to the schedule below. There is one academic year – 50 weeks (1500 hours/189 days).  However the tuition is paid according to two enrollment periods. This is set up to allow adequate availability of financial aid.

First Enrollment Period – includes Level I through Level IV. There are two tuition payments in this enrollment period.

In State Students – The first tuition payment, $5446.00, is due one month prior to starting the program. The second payment, $5446.00, is due at the midway point of the first enrollment period.

Out of State Students – Two tuition payments of $6512.00/payment.

Second Enrollment Period – includes Levels V and VI.  There are two tuition payments in this enrollment period.

In State Students – The third and payment, $2729.00, is due prior to starting Level V.  The final payment, $2729.00, is due prior to starting Level VI.

Out of State Students – The third payment, $3263.00, is due prior to starting Level V. The final payment, $3263.00, is due prior to starting Level VI.

Books and Online Learning Resources – approximately $875

A textbook and online learning resource list and instructions for ordering will be provided on the program’s orientation day. Students are responsible to have current editions of textbooks and online resources by the first day of the program.

Clinical and Business Attire Uniforms – approximately $150 – 200

Clinical uniform required in skills lab and most clinical areas. Uniform information about the type/brand of uniform and how to purchase is provided at the Program Orientation. Students are required to purchase a minimum of two uniform sets prior to starting the program. Uniform scrub tops and pants may not be returnable – check with the company about the return policy.
Business attire uniform is required in classroom and some clinical areas. The uniform includes a navy blue polo shirt with school logo and Purple Label brand, khaki colored scrub pants. The Program requires a minimum purchase of two uniform sets.
Recommended – Past students recommend purchase of 3 pairs of pants and shirts/scrub tops.  Decision depends on laundry availability.  The uniform must be washed after every clinical/classroom experience.  Ironing for wrinkled uniforms is required.

Uniform Accessories – approximately $150

Uniform Accessories required with both types of uniforms include:
-Stethoscope – recommend $35 – 50 price range, less expensive may not be durable
-Uniform Shoes – all black, solid color, any logo must be black, material – leather, vinyl, or plastic, comfortable, may wear sneaker.  Approximate cost $40 – 120.  NOT allowed – clogs, canvas, suede, any material design with holes.
-Watch with a second hand (analog only, no digital or “smart” watches) – $10 – $40
-Black ink pen, note pad – $1 – 10

Preparation for Clinical Experiences - approximately $400 (Cost varies by student insurance coverage)

To prepare for clinical experiences, the student must submit current documents prior to starting the Program. Costs for exams, immunizations or titers, and screening vary by student insurance coverage.  Below are the current requirements:
Proof of Health
-Physical Exam (current within 6 months of start of program)
-Immunizations – Proof of immunizations or titer within one year of start of program.  Includes Hepatitis B (series of 3), Tetanus (within 10 years),  Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella (series of 2 each)
-Drug Screen – $48 for 10 panel urine, if positive result may cost additionally for further analysis
-Dental Exam – approx $50, dental work not required, but is recommended, to be completed by admission
CPR Certification
-CPR Certification – American Heart Association Basic Life Support – $65 +, depends on provider offering course.
Criminal Background Clearances
-PA State Criminal History Record Clearance (cost included in application)
-FBI Clearance – $25.75
-Child Abuse Clearance -$8
Clinical Costs (possible during pandemic conditions)
-Personal PPD (face mask, gown, gloves, face shield) – cost varies
-COVID-19 Testing (varies based on clinical facility) – may be covered by health insurance, many clinical facilities cover the cost of COVID testing if required.
Prices are subject to change.

Math Review Course – $125 (cost may increase if less than 5 students enrolled)

Required for accepted students with low math scores on the Admission Entrance Exam. All applicants and enrolled students are welcome to attend. Call for scheduled class dates. The Math Course is 4 sessions, 2 hours each session.  The session topics include review of fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, averaging, and word problems.  A written math test will be given on the last session.  A 75% or higher score must be achieved to get a certificate.

Net Price Calculator

To access the Net Price Calculator, click here

Medical Terminology Course - highly recommended - FCCTC Adult Ed Course - $250 + textbook (price subject to change) and other options.

Required to enter Practical Nursing Program if not passing Medical Terminology Challenge Test during Admission Testing. Recommended for anyone considering employment in any health care program. A Med Term course (non college credit) is offered by the FCCTC Adult Education Office – 717-263-9033 x 227.  Call for current cost.

For an online course option, call the PN Program office.  Call for current cost.

Students may choose any post-secondary school Medical Terminology course offering 3 or more credits.  Course should be current within last 5 years.  Highly recommended for all incoming students for best success in the PN Program.

Transfer/Readmission Fees

Transfer Fee – $150   For students who are admitted to the Program, attend orientation, and then request transfer to the next class.  The student may request transfer one time from the original acceptance.


Readmission Costs

Readmission Fee – $200    For students leaving the Program, after starting, and requesting readmission. Requests for readmission are processed on a case-by-case basis. Readmission is not guaranteed.

Knowledge Competency Testing – $30 per test    For students requesting readmission to the Program who have previously completed PN courses successfully.

Skills Competency Evaluation – $125  For students requesting readmission to the Program who have previously complete PN courses successfully.

Documentation Updates for Readmitted Students – $120 +  Cost varies based on student health insurance and current status of required documents.  Documents that may require updates include Physical Exam, Immunizations, Tuberculosis Screening and PPD, Influenza Vaccine, PA State Police Background Check ($22.00), FBI Clearance ($25.75), Child Abuse Clearance ($8), CPR ($50 – 80), Rapid Drug Screen (10- panel) – cost varies , Chambersburg Hospital Clinical Privileges (no cost).  Prices are subject to change.

Textbook/Uniform Costs for readmission (cost varies) – readmitted student agrees to purchase required textbook editions, extend or renew access to online resources, purchase new uniforms and accessories as required by the Cohort Student Handbook and Orientation Materials.

Advanced Standing Costs - varies

The student admitted for advanced standing is responsible for the following costs:

Application Fee – $120

Transcript Evaluation – $30

Competency Testing – $30 per test for course seeking advanced standing

Skills Competency Demonstration – $125

Preparation for Clinical Experiences (costs same as for newly admitted student) – see tab above

Miscellaneous Fees - varies according to need/incident

The following Miscellaneous Fees vary by student/graduate request:

Entrance Exam Retake – $60

Transcript Request Fee – $5

Forms Packet for Portfolio Fee – $5  (students are provided copies free of charge at the beginning of the year)

Returned Check Program Fee – $50

Returned Check Bank Fee – $35 (can vary)

Copy – $0.30 per copy

Additional Print Copies ($10 for 150, $20 for 300, $24 for 400)

Credit Card Usage Convenience Fee – 3.5% of transaction charged

Class/Clinical/Skills Lab Required Make- Up time – $50/hr

Library Book (Lost or Damaged) – replacement cost

Gainful Employment

For information on gainful employment, please go here.

Technology Requirement - Laptop - cost varies, estimated $250 - $1000

A laptop computer is required to access online resources and complete online testing when in the classroom.  Tablets – allowed for use in the classroom but not for testing. Cellphone use in the classroom is not allowed.  Some required resources may not be suitable for the tablet or the phone. Any browser selected must be up-to-date. During state wide shut down conditions such as with COVID-19 – must be able to access Zoom links via laptop for class meetings and test monitoring.

REQUIRED: Access to internet at home or place to take tests and participate in class meeting and theory/skills discussion without distraction.

Minimum requirements on the laptop (Chromebook not allowed):

  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit CPU, 2 GB for 64-bit processor or higher
  • Browsers: Google Chrome 49+, Firefox 44.0+, Safari 9.0+, Microsoft Edge 25+ (Google Chrome recommended)
  • Broadband Connection with 15 Mbps or higher
  • Video Card: At least 64MB of video memory
  • Sound Card: At least 64-bit
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled
  • Disable pop-up blockers


PC Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

1.4GHz processor or faster

Mac Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

1.83GHz Intel Core Duo


(Cannot be used for testing.)

iPad 2018 (equivalent or newer), latest version iOS

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 2018 (equivalent or newer)


  • Must have camera, microphone, and speaker on laptop
  • Recommend wireless or wired mouse and keyboard separate from laptop

as of 4/2022

Financial Aid Options

Tuition costs can be paid by the student, employer, scholarship, government agencies and other third party opportunities.

A variety of resources are available to assist students in meeting the financial costs of the Program.  The Financial Aid Office at the PNP can assist you to identify what programs you qualify for, and assist with the process of application.

  1. Federal Loans
  2. Federal Pell Grants
  3. Federal Parent Plus Loans
  4. Pennsylvania Forward Loans
  5. Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) funds.  Best to contact your Career Link County office for assistance.
  6. PA Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP)
  7. PA Trade Act Funds (TRA/TAA)
  8. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) – for qualified students with certain disabilities.
  9. Military Veterans – post 9/11 GI bill® *
  10. Scholarships – start with  (managed by US Dept. of Ed for valid scholarship opportunities)
  11. Social Organizations –check with local organizations for scholarship/grant opportunities

The Program participates in the US Dept. of Education Direct Loan Program, which offers Federal Direct Loans and Pell Grants for eligible students. Students desiring financial aid must attend a Financial Aid Workshop to determine eligibility and understand responsibilities regarding loan management. All students should carefully consider his/her financial resources to pay for this education and are encouraged to borrow the minimum amount of loan money needed. All student loans must be repaid back to the U.S. Government. The Financial Aid Administrator and Financial Aid Associate are good resources to assist you with this planning process. Information about the workshop will be included in the orientation letter sent to students accepted into the program.

Attention Military Veterans and Families. The Program proudly supports our veterans! Several faculty members are veterans or have children currently serving. The program has been approved for Veterans Education for many years. Through recent legislation, post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits  are now available for non-degree educational programs. Please call if you need assistance in coordinating these benefits. PA National Guard members may also qualify for educational benefits.

*”GI Bill” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

The program makes every attempt to assist students to find scholarships and grants. In the past, students have benefited from the generosity of those who donate to PHEF Nursing Education Grants and Edna B. McKenzie Grants for Disadvantaged Students, and WIOA funds.

Recently, students have received various scholarships from organizations such as Philanthropic Education Organization, Pennsylvania Association for Practical Nurse Administrators, local Social Organizations, WellSpan Chambersburg Hospital, and Menno Haven. Eligible students have received WIOA, and Trade funds through Pennsylvania Career Link.

Financial Aid Procedure

It is recommended that the student delay starting the financial aid process until attending a PN Program Financial Aid Workshop.  This workshop is provided at no cost to the student. Attendance of spouses, significant others, and parents is welcomed,

Attend the Financial Aid Workshop – Required for all students seeking Financial Aid. Dates and times will be listed in the orientation letter.

Apply for FSA ID at least 3 days business days before attending a financial aid workshop — FAFSA

Complete the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

School Code is 015456 for Franklin County Career and Tech Center

Complete Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note at the Student Loans government website. –

School code for MPN is 015456

Seek other Scholarships and Grants at Finaid

Student Aid Report – Return to FAFSA website –  Print Student Aid Report or SAR and submit to PNP office.  Recommend mailing or bringing SAR directly to office, do not recommend emailing.

Loan Request – Submit a Loan Request Form or LARF to PNP office.

Seek other Scholarships and Grants at Finaid

Parent(s) may wish to subsidize student’s tuition by taking out a Federal Parent Plus Loan.

Procedure –

Access (parent will need FSA-ID). Request a Parent Plus Loan, request a credit check, complete Parent Plus Loan entrance counseling.

Parent will receive, via email, either approval or denial of Parent Plus loan.  Print off email and send to PNP office.

Loan Request – Submit a Parent Plus Loan Request Form or LARF to PNP office.  This is a PNP form, different than the PP Loan request done on line  This LARF verifies what the parent wants to borrow.

Seek other Scholarships and Grants at Finaid

Gainful Employment – Title IV Program Integrity

  • Franklin County Career and Technology Center OPEID: 00791600
  • Department of Education Classification of Instructional Program or CIP code is 51.3901 Practical Nursing Program (Certificate Program)
  • Length of Program: Full time – 12 months

Program Costs for 2019/20 – Tuition (Instate) $14,850, (Out of State) $16,850, Room and Board (estimated living off-campus – no on campus housing available) $12,240, Commuter Costs $4398, Books $850, Acceptance/Supplies/Technology Fee $425, Uniforms $100 – $150, Uniform Accessories (socks, shoes, analog watch, stethoscope) approx. $150 , Miscellaneous Personal Expenses (varies by individual) $3468, Loan Fees (Federal Direct Loan fees charged by the Dept of Ed) $157. Total Cost of Attendance for Independent Student $36,663 (note: this is not the tuition). Expenses are estimated for the one year the student is enrolled in the program and may vary according to living accommodations and support systems.

  • Median Loan Debt – Students 2021-22 – $9202.00
  • Housing – not available
  • On time completion rate (completing in one year) for 2022 Students – 70%
  • Job Placement Rate for 2023 Graduates – 100% for those seeking employment.
  • The Standard Occupational Code or SOC code for LPN/LVNs is 29-2061. Use this code to obtain more information about this profession on the websites listed below:
  • Gainful employment – U. S. Department of Labor O*Net here
  • Occupational Outlook for Licensed Practical Nurses – Summary Report for the Licensed Practical/Licensed Vocational Nurse